The Astro Science Challenge is almost ready to launch!

The Astro Science Challenge is almost ready to launch! Registration to take part is now open.

The Prologue Mission for you to take with your Cadets will be available on Monday 19 October, with the Space Missions beginning on Monday 2 November.

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The Commitment
If you choose to accept the challenge, you will be part of a once in a lifetime science project, designed by the award winning Unlimited Space Agency and some of the UK’s most brilliant science organisations. You will receive detailed Activity Plans designed by leading teaching and science professionals for each Mission, with a range of tasks for a different learning abilities, all mapped against the KS2 curriculum.

• There are six MISSIONS
• a new Mission is released every week for the 6 weeks of the project
• Each Mission has three ACTIVITIES
• Each Activity is designed to be delivered in one lesson of whatever length of time you choose (one Science, one Maths, one English), with the potential to expand this into more lessons if you want.

Most of the Activity Plans for each mission are available to download from the ‘Team Leader Resources’ page on Makewaves– you can have a look through them now to give you an idea of what the content of your Astro Science Challenge lessons. Powerpoint presentations to accompany each mission will also be available next week.

As a TEAM LEADER, you commit to leading your CADETS through all 18 Activities in sync with the live project over six weeks. You also commit to awarding students with digital badges provided by us, on the completion of each Mission.

A ‘How To…’ document is also available to download from the Team Leader Resources Page, explaining everything you need to know about how to deliver the project.

If you choose to accept the challenge, follow the steps below:

Get Prepared

Create a Makewaves account for FREE to register your team! 

Makewaves is the secure online platform that the project is being delivered through. It is completely free to join, and it comes with no hidden commitments.

Your Makewaves account can take a couple of days to be activated, due to the necessary security checks, so we’d advise you to do this as soon as possible, well in advance of the Prologue Mission which launches on Monday 19 October.

Once you’ve signed up and had your account verified we’ll send you another email walking you through how to use your account and offer you the option of joining an online or ‘on the phone’ training session.

Any questions? 

If you need any help or have any questions then please contact UNSA’s Mission and Communication Officer, Christie at:

Otherwise, good luck! We’re looking forward to playing our space+science adventure with you!

The Unlimited Space Agency

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