Mission To Mars

In 2009, Unlimited was commissioned by the Polka Theatre in London to create a new play for children – a show with the ambition of “inspiring children aged 7-11 about science”.

Set in 2035 Mission To Mars is a Sci-Fact Adventure telling the story of Gail & Stefan, the astronauts chosen to be the first humans to go to Mars. Based on the real science of planned Mars Missions, the show communicated key science information about gravity, space technologies and the scale of the universe whilst primarily telling an exciting and emotional story of daring and adventure.

“Unlimited have been pioneers in combining theatre and science for adult audiences, fearlessly going where few other companies have gone before in exploring the metaphysical and everyday impact of scientific advances on our lives… Mission To Mars is great fun and if there’s a sudden interest in science in the coming years among the children of south-west London and beyond, it may well be traced back to Unlimited’s show for seven to 11-year-olds.” The Guardian

Mission To Mars ran for 5 weeks in London before touring to major regional theatres across the UK.

Written in consultation with Dr Gail Iles (Astronaut Instructor with the European Space Agency) and Dr Andy Newsam (of the Astrophysics Research Institute at Liverpool John Moores University and the Director of the National Schools’ Observatory Project).

pic by Max Alexander