Meet the crew

Our key personnel are highly accomplished and multi-award winning writers, directors, scientists and educators with a proven track record in designing innovative, transformational projects that have deep impact. Working in collaboration with an expanding pool of associate artists, scientists and technologists UNSA creates inspirational projects + mission models to get kids (actually) into space.


    Director of Human Spaceflight

    Jon is a writer, director and event designer and provides creative and executive leadership for the Unlimited Space Agency. Jon’s passion is in collaborating with scientists and communicating leading edge research, with an emphasis on inspiring children and young people. He works regularly and closely with education departments at the UK Space Agency, ESA and NASA and recently delivered a paper at the International Astronautical Conference titled “Inspiring Children in Space & Science Through Art and Play”. Jon also regularly writes and directs live shows for the BBC’s CBeebies channel and has worked as a visiting lecturer in colleges and universities throughout the UK and run workshops with students, theatre professionals, journalists, soldiers and passers by across the world. He is an associate of the Quantum Information Group at the University of Leeds, on the advisory committee for the Children’s Media Conference and the father of two boys.


    Co-director of Universe Observation

    While working in a nano physics research group Liz developed a taste for science communication and has been hooked ever since.  Since leaving the world of research for a career in science communication, Liz has worked around the UK in a variety of science and discovery centres, universities and museums promoting public engagement with the sciences.  She has spent her career creating, presenting and developing learning programmes for people of all ages on all aspects of science from bio-medical science to Astronomy.  She now works at the Royal Observatory Greenwich managing the Astronomy Education


    Co-director of Universe Observation

    After studying Computational Physics at Warwick University, I moved to Glasgow to get my doctorate in Astrophysics. After a short period in Southampton, where I discovered all the delights of professional observing, I moved to Liverpool John Moores University in 1998 to help set up the National Schools’ Observatory (NSO). I am now the Director of the NSO and Professor of Astronomy Education and Engagement and combine work with schools with research, undergraduate teaching, running Distance Learning courses, and public engagement. All of this is fun, and all of it lets me play with big telescopes around the world.

    A lifetime interest in theatre (especially of the more inventive and challenging kind) led me to meet Jon Spooner and I was delighted to discover someone who shared my interests in science and theatre, but who came at them from a very different direction. When he approached me to help out with the development of “Mission to Mars”, I grabbed at the chance, and had so much fun and excitement, that I’ve taken every opportunity since to worth with Unlimited and UNSA. The work is always stimulating and makes me challenge my view of both science and theatre, and the role they play in my life (and the lives of everybody else, for that matter). It doesn’t get much better than that.


    Mission Control

    The Unlimited Space Agency is a sister company of Unlimited Theatre – an international touring theatre company producing new performance work and specialising in collaborating with scientists.

    Unlimited have been pioneers in combining theatre and science, fearlessly going where few companies have gone before in exploring the metaphysical and everyday impact of scientific advances on our lives.” THE GUARDIAN

    Established in 1997, Unlimited Theatre provides management and administrative infrastructure for UNSA. The company is a registered charity and is regularly funded as an Arts Council of England National Portfolio Organisation. For more on the company please visit their website.